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Alastair Mitchell and Kezia Regan at Conpot

In the Studio with Conpot

Architect Alastair Mitchell and textile designer Kezia Regan describe their journey into discovering cast concrete and the founding of their Peckham-based design studio, Conpot.

Chris McLean, lead designer at Espro

Espro engineer the perfect cup of coffee

For two Canadians, their love of coffee led them to engineer a better way to make quality coffee at home. The Espro Press is now enjoyed by thousands of coffee lovers worldwide and is championed by professional baristas.

Karen Hay-Edie on the loom at Mourne Textiles. © Tara Fisher.

Mourne Textiles from Northern Ireland

Based at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland, Mourne Textiles have expanded upon the legacy of mid-century textile designer Gerd Hay-Edie to create a classic and distinctively textured range of textiles for the home.

Sebastian Wrong, curator of the Wrong for Hay range.

In the Studio with Sebastian Wrong

Home Institute talks to British designer Sebastian Wrong about designing products for Wrong for Hay, a collaboration with Danish homewares brand, Hay, and the drive to create something different.

Lina Rickardsson, Pappelina

In the Studio with Lina Rickardsson, Pappelina

Home Institute talks to Swedish textile designer Lina Rickardsson about her innovative range of Pappelina woven plastic rugs and mats. Lina Rickardsson, founder of Swedish company Pappelina, describes her discovery of plastic as a material for creating traditionally woven rugs and mats. Products by Pappelina

Nathalie du Pasquier for American Apparel

Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Instinct for the Bold and the Balanced

As a founding member of the Memphis Group, Nathalie Du Pasquier was pivotal in defining the bold aesthetics of the post-modern era. She has since established a visual vocabulary through her paintings and design work that is relevant across generations and cultures.

Harvesting cork oak bark. Photo: Apcor

Cork: an age-old material of the future

Cork is being redefined as a material of the future that is renewable, creates zero waste and is applicable to architecture, design, fashion, construction, and even space aeronautics.

Illoha Fitness Club by Nendo. Photo: Daici Ano.

Nendo Have Fun Redefining Everyday Objects

Japanese design and architecture studio Nendo are redefining everyday objects and spaces to make them easier to understand and use, conceptually rich and surprisingly fun.

It's Tea Time - Tea Cocktails

‘Tea Time’ Cocktails

Bring a whole new meaning to ‘tea time’ by capturing the spirit of loose-leaf teas in these delicious cocktails.

Lemon and Sage Shortbread

Juliet’s Lemon and Wild Sage Shortbread

Writer and cook Juliet Baptiste-Kelly introduces the savoury flavours of wild Greek sage to sweet Scottish shortbread and finds they go hand in hand with more than just tea.

Cold Brew Tea Steeping

Ice Cold Home Brew

With the arrival of the warm front, Home Institute brews up a storm and cools things down with cold brew tea.

Oregano and Lemon Kofte by Juliet Baptiste-Kelly

Spicy Summer Supper

We’ve got summer al fresco dining all wrapped up with our oregano and lemon kofte. Delicious barbequed, this recipe works equally well pan fried or grilled thanks to the pungent, smokey flavours of Taygetus oregano.

Michael Shannon and Heidi Johanssen Stewart of Bellocq Tea Atelier

Let Loose

Home Institute visits Bellocq Tea Atelier to investigate their approach to the craft of tea.

Thyme Flower Infused Olive

Give it Thyme

Prepare for a fragrant and flavoursome summer by creating a set of herb-infused oils that enliven dips, dressings and Friday night films.

Evangelia Koutsovoulou, Daphnis and Chloe

Herb Hunter

Home Institute talks to Evangelia Koutsovoulou, founder of Daphnis and Chloe, to find out what drives her enthusiasm for Greek herbs.

Sowden SoftBrew Oskar teapot

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea

Everyone has a view on what makes the perfect cup of tea. But when it comes to loose leaf teas, many of us don’t know where to start. Follow our step-by-step guide to get the maximum flavour after which you can customise it any which way you like.

George Sowden with a selection of his large scale 'decorations'. Milan Design Week, May 2014.

George Sowden Designs a Name for Himself

British designer George Sowden has stepped out from under the shadow of Italy’s big design brands and is making a name for himself with a new range of homewares.

Sowden Nathalie Ramekins for Mini Tiramisu

Tiramisu, The Dinner Party Pick Up

Throwing a dinner party for friends is a fantastic way to catch up over delicious food and drink. But don’t be fooled into thinking you need to impress your guests by making something tricky.

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