Cork by Amorim

Amorim have been producing cork in Portugal for over 150 years. Working across a broad range on industries, Amorim ensure the sustainable farming and conservation of Portugal’s indigenous cork oak forests and work closely with leading international designers including Big-Game, Nendo and Portugal’s Fernando Brizio to find new applications for this recyclable and entirely renewable natural product.

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  • Par Salt and Pepper Shakers, by Nendo

    Par Salt and Pepper Shakers, by Nendo

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  • Parte Cork Bowl, by Nendo. Photo: Materia

    Parte Cork Bowl, by Nendo

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  • Bote cork boats, by Big-Game for Materia Amorim

    Bote Cork Boats, by Big-Game

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  • Furo Centrepiece Cork Bowl by Fernando Brízio. Photo Materia

    Furo Centrepiece Cork Bowl, by Fernando Brízio

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