Materia work with leading contemporary designers to create new products for the home exclusively from cork. Cork is an incredible raw material which is reusable, recyclable, renewable and completely biodegradable. Its unique qualities that make it impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic, compressible, highly resistant yet light and buoyant, is unreplicable. Japanese designer and architect, Nendo; Portuguese design star Fernando Brízio; and Switzerland-based design collective Big-Game are among the creatives who have worked with Amorim, Portugal’s largest cork producer, to create Materia cork products for the home.

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  • Par Salt and Pepper Shakers, by Nendo

    Par Salt and Pepper Shakers, by Nendo

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  • Parte Cork Bowl, by Nendo. Photo: Materia

    Parte Cork Bowl, by Nendo

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  • Bote cork boats, by Big-Game for Materia Amorim

    Bote Cork Boats, by Big-Game

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  • Furo Centrepiece Cork Bowl by Fernando Brízio. Photo Materia

    Furo Centrepiece Cork Bowl, by Fernando Brízio

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