Zalto Stock Availability 2022

Why the most desirable stemware is now most sought after

Updated 25 May 2022

for new orders

From today:

Some items are currently available for immediate dispatch, these are marked ‘in stock’

Please note that there is now greater variation in pre-order lead-time by model, specific information is on the respective products’ page.

We are unable to part-ship Zalto pre-orders, so please consider placing multiple orders if your total desired order includes items that mix in-stock or pre-ordered models across various shipments.

We are about to open pre-orders for the October 2022 shipment.

Based on the latest production information we anticipate pre-ordering to be necessary for Christmas 2022 and into 2023.

It’s our hope that we’ll be able to rebuild stock on hand over 2023, but this is contingent the impacts of covid in the winter months, Zalto’s production output and customer demand. The fastest way for our customers to get Zalto stems, for the foreseeable future, is to pre-order .

for existing orders and pre-orders

The glass blowers have been able to increase production in recent months and Zalto has been shipping what they can, when they can.

The next major shipment is expected to arrive into the UK warehouse June/July 2022. We will be able to dispatch pre-orders allocated against the June shipment.

We also expect to be able to ship White stems which were allocated to previous shipments from this shipment.

This information is subject to change so we update this page frequently.

Why is there limited Zalto stock availability?

Zalto stemware and wine ware are individually mouth blown by a small team of artisans.

During the covid-19 pandemic there has been an increase in Zalto sales as wine drinkers wanting to enjoy the superior flavours using Zalto stemware offers have purchase stemware for use at home.

There are also significant Zalto production constraints. The glassblowers have been working with a smaller team due to covid restrictions. This has made it challenging for Zalto to simultaneously catch up on existing factory orders, meet current demand and re-build their stockholding.

At present all Zalto production is fully allocated to Zalto retailers and hospitality venues around the world, so our various orders are placed into a queue awaiting production, packing and export as and when Zalto is able to fulfil them. We have been ordering well ahead since 2020 as this situation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future and well into 2022.

Compounding the situation has been the new importation processes following the end of the Brexit transition period.

In short, demand is massively outstripping supply. The most desirable stemware is now most sought after.

To make things as clear and transparent as possible, we are making Zalto stock available shipment-by-shipment. Your order is allocated against a specific shipment and fulfilled when that shipment arrives.

For fairness for all our customers, all orders are shipped on a first ordered, first dispatched basis.

We do have some Zalto stock available, so please check the respective products’ page for details. However because of the current demand, most shipments are pre-sold and we advise customers to pre-order to reserve stock if they want to receive Zalto stemware in 2022.

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