Shane Schneck

Shane Schneck

Shane Schneck is an American designer based in Sweden. Having previously worked in Milan with Piero Lissoni studio, Schneck founded his own studio, Office for Design (OfD), in Stockholm in 2010. Along with regular collaborator and life partner, Clara von Zweigbergk, Schneck was awarded the Årets Rum Designer of the Year award in 2016. Clients include Hay, Nike, and Ommo among others.

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  • Hay Rhom Trivet Rust

    Hay Rhom Trivet

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  • Hay Cap Bottle Opener Gold

    Hay Cap Bottle Opener

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  • Hay Field Wooden Bread Board Curved

    Hay Field Wooden Bread Board

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  • Hay Porter Petroleum

    Hay Porter Paper Towel Holder

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  • Save up to £12.10! Hay Lup Table Candle Holders Square Brass

    Hay Lup Table Candle Holders

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