Chemex Coffee Makers with Wooden Collar


The iconic American coffee maker

Chemex coffee makers are one of the favourite ways to make drip coffee. Designed in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, the distinctive hourglass shaped glass has been celebrated by both the coffee enthusiasts and design lovers. As well as being popular way to make coffee at home, it is also regularly used in baristas competitions and is also part of MoMA’s collection.

The paper filters offer convenient coffee making and the method produces coffee with clear flavours, a lighter body and slightly viscous mouthfeel. The wooden collar model is ideal for those appreciating a more rustic aesthetic and the glass coffee maker can easier be washed by removing the wooden collar.

Makes Better Tasting Coffee

Chemex paper filters produce coffee with clear flavours, a lighter body and slightly vicious mouthfeel

Save up to £10

When you buy a Chemex coffee maker and filters

Quality Materials, Dishwasher Safe

Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which doesn’t absorb or retain odours or chemical residues

Glass pot is dish washer safe

Two Sizes Available

3-6 Cups: approx 850ml / working capacity 700ml, ideal for making two or three cups

6-8 Cups: approx 1,150ml / working capacity 1,000ml, ideal for making three or four cups


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