Hasami Porcelain Teapots


Contemporary classic

Made from a bespoke mix of porcelain and clay earthenware, Hasami Porcelain Teapots are inherently robust as well as beautiful. Hasami porcelain is made in the region of the same name in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan, and draws on the area’s 400-year history in ceramic craftsmanship. The porcelain component in Hasami teapots achieves their precise, geometric forms that are pleasingly simple and tactile in the hand.

Key Information
• Production methods draw on centuries of craftsmanship in Hasami region
Good to Know
• Can we used with the Hasami Porcelain coffee dripper

Product Information


• Made in Hasami, Japan from a bespoke mix of porcelain and earthenware clay for strength and durability


• 85 (⌀) x 72 (h) mm