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Hay Gift Boxes

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All Wrapped Up

These carefully arranged Hay Gift Boxes combine some of Hay’s most popular products in one beautiful and elegant package. Choose from a kitchen, bathroom or office-themed set of gifts to surprise and delight the ones you love.

Hay Gift Box Contents

• Kitchen Medium: 1x Rhom trivet in charcoal; 1x Cap bottle opener in gold; 2x Layer Dots tea towels

• Office Large: 1x Henry tablet case 27 (W) X 21 (H) cm in dark grey; 2x Horizon notebooks in small and medium; 1x Nathalie pencil

• Bathroom Large: 1x Nathalie du Pasquier bath towel; 1x small Dot wash bag in black; 1x Scribble mirror; 1x Tann toothbrush in green

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