Italesse Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne Flutes, by Claesson Koivisto Rune [6x]


Bubbly at its best

On the initiative of Italian glassware company Italesse, contemporary designers Claesson Koivisto Rune in collaboration with champagne expert Richard Juhlin have designed the technically optimal champagne flute that releases aromas and flavours in the most effective way. The shape and proportions of the Optimum Champagne Flute concentrate the champagne’s aromas just under the rim while the size of the bowl itself is measured to give champagne the optimum exposure to air. The bowl also has a deep piqûre point, created as a result of the stem of the flute being drawn from the glass bowl while it is still molten, which serves to restrict the size of bubbles as they form. The result is an aesthetically striking glass that allows every champagne drinker to experience bubbly at its best.

Strong and Highly Transparent

Made in Italy from Crystalline Glass

Buy by the Set

Six glasses per box

Sommelier Standard

Pulled-glass stem with crystal-like clarity


⊘68 x 235 (h) mm; 290 ml capacity

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