Italesse Vertical Wine Glasses Medium, set of six


Stemming from flavour

If you are going to have one everyday wine glass for all wines, this is it. Designed to professional sommelier standard, the shape maximises the flavour of all wines and is suitable for white, orange, rosé and red, as well as, sparkling wines. The crystalline glass is durable while offering great clarity and as the stem is pulled from the bowl while the glass is molten making the Vertical stronger and more elegant than most glasses in this price bracket.

Key Information 
• Pulled stem, made from crystalline glass
Good to Know
• Well priced, hospitality-grade glass that’s also ideal for use at home
• Dishwasher safe

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Product Information


Made in Italy from Crystalline Glass


Six glasses per box

Sommelier Standard Design

Pulled glass stem with crystal-like clarity
Dishwasher safe


82 (⊘) x 221 (h) mm