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Kinto Kakomi Donabes


Slow cooking

Steam, simmer, and stew with Kakomi, Kinto's reimagining of the traditional Japanese Donabe. With the steam plate in place, you can steam ingredients to easily prepare a healthy dish; without it, you can simmer and stew to make various pot-dishes. Use on their the stove top, or in the oven.


Kakomi Donabes can be used on gas, induction, ceramic, and halogen hobs as well as in the oven or microwave.


Use to cook either European dishes or traditional Japanese recipes.


1.2 l: 210 (ø) x 120 (h) x 260 (w) mm

2.5 l: 260 (ø) x 145 (h) x 315 (w) mm

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