Kinto Plug Cold Brew Plastic Jug



Proud Vessel

Kinto’s slender and streamlined Cold Brew Tea Jug is fitted with a removable, fine mesh infuser suitable for cold brewing loose leaf tea or for flavouring water with fresh herbs, citrus, fruit or spices. The jug is made from hard-wearing resins and can either be stored inside the fridge door or horizontally in the fridge thanks to its watertight Plug lid.

Read our Cold Brewing Tea guide to get the best out of your jug.

Durable Plastic

Made of tough and durable MS resin, ABS resin and silicone it is suitable for everyday use and is also dishwasher-safe

Space Saver

Securely store liquids with the jug stored either vertically or horizontally


Transport liquids without risk of leaking




⊘95 x 270 (h) x 150 (w incl. handle) mm


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