Nuova Simonelli Oscar v2



This updated version of the acclaimed Oscar espresso machine delivers improved temperature stability for better tasting coffee and a powerful steam wand for drinks such as the cappuccino and the flat white.

Key Information
• Control coffee-making  with timed shots
• copper boiler
Good to know
• Compact size and only 30 cm wide

Product Information


• Beautifully compact
• Make espresso at the push of a button
• Internal heat-exchange

Dimensions & Weight

• 300 wide x 400 deep x 408 high mm
• 13 Kg

Boxed Weight

• ~20 Kg

HI Specification

• UK fused plug with 1m cord
• Internal reservoir and plumb in connections included
• 1200  W
• 115 – 230 V
• 50/60 Hz


Standard Delivery
Machine delivered palletised to mainland UK addresses, driver may require assistance to unload and carry to door, no interior lifting, full set up guide included.

Standard Delivery + Set Up
Machine delivered to mainland UK addresses and set up in your kitchen, our engineer may require assistance to carrying the packaged machine depending on your location, guided through set up and configuration, excess packaging removed.

Care & Maintenance

The Nuova Simonelli Musica requires filtered water to prevent the build up of limescale and other mineral deposits in the boilers and group head. Please test your water in advance and contact us if you have any questions.

Espresso machines require cleaning after use to prevent build up of deposits, especially around the group head. Information is enclosed and if you have any further questions please contact us.

Espresso machines typically require a front end service once or twice each year to replace perishable parts such as the group head seal. This can be performed by yourself or an engineer. Mineral deposits from poor water filtration are the key cause of issues, so please ensure that you adequately filter water based on your local mineral mix. The Prima has a water alarm. If you machine requires servicing from deposits, this is useful best performed in our engineer’s workshop. Espresso machines typically require a full, on-site service every one to two years depending on service.


All specifications and options are subject to change without notice.

Mainland UK set up and service only
Our engineers are only able to set up and install Nuova Simonelli Musica espresso machines in the mainland UK.