Pappelina Swedish Marre Floor Mats


Modern Style, Contemporary Convenience

Pappelina PVC mats are made using a weaving technique developed in 1948 by traditional Swedish weaver Dalaslöjden, in Dalarna, central Sweden. Woven on traditional shuttle weaving looms dating from the 1950s that mechanically replicate hand-weaving processes, Pappelina floor mats use a polyester warp (the longitudinal threads) over which their brightly-coloured PVC plastic weave creates its pattern. The result is an optically exciting range of patterned floor mats that are highly durable and fantastically easy to care for.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Woven in Sweden from PVC plastic with a polyester warp

Water and UV resistant

Easy to Clean

Hand and machine washable

Follow these simple instructions

Choose from Multiple Lengths

70 x 90 cm

70 x 150 cm

70 x 225 cm

70 x 300 cm

70 x 375 cm

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