Siwa Naoron Business Card Case


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Made from a proprietary blend of wood pulp and plastic called Naoron, the Siwa business card holder is a lightweight and highly durable folded case that achieves the look of weathered leather over time. Naoron’s unique material properties make the Siwa business card case both water- and tear-resistant. Simple and distinguished in its design, the Siwa business card case is the result of a collaboration between renowned Japanese industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, and Japanese paper-making company, Onao.

Ideal for everyday use

Lightweight (6g), durable and water-resistant

Made in Japan from Soft Naoron

Tear-resistant paper made from recycled wood pulp and synthetic fibres

High load capacity

Material tested for loads up to 10 kg


77.5 (H) × 103 mm (H145 mm when open)

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