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Siwa Naoron Multipurpose Square Pouches


Carry All

These multi-purpose zip-closing bags from Siwa combine the water-resistance and strength of plastic with the soft texture and lightweight qualities of traditional Japanese washi paper. Made with Naoron, a proprietary fabric developed by Japanese paper-making company, Onao, in collaboration with renowned Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, these Siwa pouches are ideal for carrying and storing innumerable items including toiletries, art and craft materials, cables and fixtures, even your lunch.


Product Information

Ideal for everyday use

Lightweight (S 21 g; M 32 g; L 47 g) and water-resistant

Made in Japan from Soft Naoron

Tear-resistant paper made from recycled wood pulp and synthetic fibres

High load capacity

Material tested for loads up to 10 kg


Small 95 (H) × 140 × 35 mm

Medium 120 (H) × 180 × 60 mm

Large 150 (H) × 230 × 70 mm