Siwa Naoron Overnight Bag


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Here is a carry bag that is as light as a feather but deceptively strong. Made from Naoron, a strong and tear-resistant proprietary fabric made using recycled wood pulp and synthetic fibres, the Siwa Overnight Bag is soft to the touch and can take loads of up to 10 kg. Its tactile qualities accentuate over time, acquiring the look of weathered leather. Designed by renowned Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, in collaboration with the traditional Japanese paper-making company Onao, this bag represents the melding of technology with tradition to marvellous effect.

Ideal for everyday use

Lightweight (360g), durable and water-resistant

Made in Japan from Soft Naoron

Tear-resistant paper made from recycled wood pulp and synthetic fibres

High load capacity

Tested for loads up to 10 kg


300 (H) × 400 × 194 mm

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