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Siwa Naoron Square Bag


Room to Move

With its flat base and sturdy handles, the Siwa square bag is your quintessential carry bag. It is made all the more durable by its unique fabric, Naoron: a proprietary fabric made in the traditional Japanese paper-making method using recycled plastic bottles and fibres. Light and strong, it has a soft and tactile surface quality and can take heavy loads of up to 10kg. The Siwa Naoron square tote bag was designed by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, in collaboration with established Japanese paper-making company Onao.


Product Information

Ideal for everyday use

Lightweight (small 80 g; medium 110 g) and durable

Made in Japan from RPF Naoron

Tear-resistant paper made from recycled plastic bottles and textile products

High load capacity

Tested for loads up to 10 kg


Small 270 (H) × 220 × 120 mm

Medium 320 (H) × 330 × 115 mm