Siwa Naoron Travel Organiser / Passport Case


Travelling Light

The seasoned traveller will welcome the durability and lightness of the Siwa travel organiser. Made in Japan from Naoron, a strong and tactile proprietary fabric composed of recycled plastic bottles and textile fibres, the Siwa travel organiser is designed to hold travel documents, credit cards, currency, and a pen, and has a secure string and button closure. Designed by renowned Japanese industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, in collaboration with Japanese paper-making company Onao, the Siwa travel organiser is soft to the touch and light on the pocket.

Multipurpose and ideal for travelling

Lightweight, foldable and water-resistant

Made in Japan from RPF Naoron

Tear-resistant paper made from recycled plastic bottles and textile products

High load capacity

Material tested for loads up to 10 kg


220 (H) x 115 (W) (230 when open) mm


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