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Victoria Arduino Venus Espresso Machine

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Taking inspiration from the classic espresso machines, the Venus is a high-quality, beautiful, and compact espresso machine that's ideal for espresso enthusiasts and for use at home or in a small office. Victoria Arduino have been making espresso machines in Italy since 1905, and despite the Venus' historical references, it's packed full of contemporary technology.

Designed and made by Victoria Arduino in Chienti, Italy.

Temperature Adjustable
Control the boiler temperature to optimise flavour depending on your coffee's roast profile

Integrated Boiler
Compact 2.3 l has sufficient capacity for light use, is fast heating and is used for both extraction and steam

Accessories Included
Plastic tamper; one steel portafilter with single spout or double spout fitting; and two portafilter baskets, and blind.

circa 32 (w) x 32 (d) x 52 (h) cm – body is 45 cm high without eagle

Read the Alpha Zero configuration guide to help get set up

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