Zalto Universal Wine Glasses


Zalto Glassware
Enhance your drinking experience

Handmade by stemware specialists in a small-scale, specialist production facility in Austria, Zalto glasses are wonderfully lightweight and have a delightfully thin rim – qualities which provide greater connection with your wine. Made from toughened glass, Zalto glassware is strong and, unlike many other specialist wine glass brands, can conveniently be washed in the dishwasher.

Zalto glassware is designed and manufactured to maximise your wine's flavour and drinking pleasure and is recognised as being best in class with use in many top end restaurants and wine bars and by professional wine tasters.

Suitable for all still wines

If you only have space for one set of wine glasses, this is the model.
Suitable for both white and red wines, it is also ideal for wine tasting.

Handmade in Austria

Made from strong, strengthened glass


Thin glasses maximises connection with the wine

Dishwasher Safe

Wash on the top shelf

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