Zero Japan Ceramic Teapots, Large


Tea party

Made in the Mino pottery region in Japan, known for its high quality clay, Zero Japan teapots are fired with a glaze that becomes integral to the outer layer of the clay for a long-lasting and more robust finish. Zero Japan teapots are designed to take a clip-on stainless steel lid that can be opened with the flick of a thumb and removed for easy cleaning. The removable stainless steel filter enables you to remove tea leaves before they over-steep. Combining centuries-old craftsmanship with contemporary design and functionality, Zero Japan teapots are the ideal partner for making tea for two or three.

Key Information
• 580 ml Capacity
• Made in Minto
Good to Know
• All components dishwasher safe, except crackle glaze teapot body

Product Information


• 580ml Capacity
• Ideal for brewing two to three cups


• High density clay from the Mino region in Japan
• Stainless steel lid and filter
• All components dishwasher safe except crackle glaze teapot body

Made in Japan

• Made by Japanese potters and quality checked by hand


• 110 (w) x 170 (h) x 123 (d) mm
• 580 ml capacity