Zero Japan Large Ceramic Teapot with Handle


Crafted to Last

Designed with a square body and striking bowed handle, and made from high quality clay from the Mino pottery region in Japan, the Zero Japan Large Ceramic Teapot is crafted to last. The body of the teapot is fired at extremely high temperatures so the glaze becomes integral to the outer layer of clay, making the teapot dishwasher proof and resistant to staining. The Zero Japan large ceramic teapot comes equipped with a clip-on stainless steel lid and removable stainless steel filter so tea leaves can easily be removed before over-steeping.

Key Information 
• Made in Minto, Japan
Good to Know
• Dishwasher safe

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Product Information


• High density clay from the Mino region in Japan
• Stainless steel lid, handle and filter
• All components dishwasher safe except crackle glaze teapot body

Made in Japan

Made by Japanese potters and quality checked by hand


• 125 (w) x 205 (h) x 165 (d) mm
• 950 ml capacity