Chemex coffee makers are one of the favourite ways to make drip coffee. Designed in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, the distinctive hourglass shaped glass has been celebrated by both the coffee enthusiasts and design lovers. As well as being popular way to make coffee at home, it is also regularly used in baristas competitions and is part of MoMA’s collection. The paper filters offer convenient coffee making and the method produces coffee with clear flavours, a lighter body and slightly viscous mouthfeel.

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  • Chemex Ottomatic Electric Coffee Brewer

    Chemex Ottomatic Electric Coffee Brewer v2

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  • Chemed 6-8 Cup Wooden Collar Coffee Maker

    Chemex Coffee Makers with Wooden Collar

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  • Chemex Coffee Maker With Glass Handle 6-8-cup

    Chemex Coffee Makers with Glass Handle

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  • Chemex Pre-folded filter papers

    Chemex Coffee Maker Filter Papers

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