Zalto Glassware

Zalto glassware is designed and manufactured to maximise your wine’s flavour and drinking pleasure and is recognised as being best in class with use in many top end restaurants and wine bars and by professional wine tasters. Handmade by stemware specialists in a small-scale, specialist production facility in Austria, Zalto glasses are wonderfully lightweight and have a delightfully thin rim – qualities which provide greater connection with your wine.

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  • Zalto Champagne Flute

    Zalto Champagne Flutes

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  • Zalto Universal Wine Glass

    Zalto Universal Wine Glasses

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  • Zalto White Wine Glass

    Zalto White Wine Glasses

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  • Zalto Burgundy Wine Glass

    Zalto Burgundy Wine Glasses

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  • Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glass

    Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glasses

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  • Zalto Sweet Wine Glass

    Zalto Sweet Wine Glasses

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  • Zalto Digestive Glass

    Zalto Digestif Glasses

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  • Zalto Carafe 1.5 L

    Zalto Carafes

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  • Zalto Axium Wine Decanter

    Zalto Axium Wine Decanter

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  • Zalto Mystic Wine Decanter

    Zalto Mystique Wine Decanter

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