Processing & Dispatching Orders


Home Institute sells products sourced from around the globe, often made by specialist manufacturers or crafts people.

We continually work to hold an appropriate level of stock but forecasting is a continual challenge as demand, manufacturers’ lead-times and shipping times can vary greatly. Many of the items we sell are manufactured once Home Institute has placed an order with the manufacturer or craftsperson. To achieve fair pricing for both our customers and makers we place bulk orders on regular order cycles. We order from manufacturers between one and 12 months in advance of expecting delivery.

If an item is not current our stock, but we have an order open with the manufacturer or maker, we may enable customers to purchase stock. Furthermore, using our standard ordering cycles, we can also offer our customers some difficult to source products by allowing their order to piggy-back on our ordering cycle.

Consequently, we have developed three stock statuses to best communicate a product’s availability.

Stock status

In Stock

Items that are in stock are dispatched immediately, and are subject to our standard delivery timeframes.

Pre-orders and Backorders

The delivery timeframe for products varies by manufacturers’ lead-time and when your order falls within our ordering cycle. The following timeframes represent the common breadth of the delivery window by brand. If you order is time sensitive, please contact us for specific guidance as we can provide a specific update on where in the ordering cycle we are at for the product you are interested in. Pre-orders are the best way for our customers to secure stock from an inbound shipment or from our next ordering cycle.

There are currently longer than normal lead times for some brands because changes to manufacturing.

  • Espro has been acquired by a Canadian company and stock will be limited until new production in April 2024. We are now taking pre-orders only for select products.
Out of stock

If we are unsure when we will be able to source further units of a product, we make it as out of stock. Out of stock items may potentially be ordered by contacting customer services. If you have a question about an out of stock product, please contact us so we can seek to confirm timelines.

Order status


We have received your order and will dispatch your item(s) once the payment has cleared and have stock.

We may fulfil orders in multiple shipments.


We have dispatched all items in your order. At the time of dispatch we send an email communicating:

• the items in the shipment
• the delivery service
• tracking information

Common Pre-order timeframes, by brand

• Able Brewing: two – six weeks
• Allex: four – twelve weeks
• Bosign: two – six weeks
• Chemex: one – eight weeks
• Espro: Spring 2024
• Fort Standard: four – 16 weeks
• Hasami Porcelain: four – twelve weeks
• Hay: two – eight weeks
• Italesse: two – eight weeks
• Kinto: two – eight weeks
• Mourne Textiles: one – eight weeks
• Pappelina: two – eight weeks
• PKS Bronze: one – four weeks
• Porter: 16 – 30 weeks
• Siwa: 12 weeks
• Stálogy: 12 – 26 weeks
• Textile No.: four – 12 weeks
• Zalto: latest information
• Zero Japan: four – eight weeks

Backorder timeframes are based on our ordering cycle and the manufacturer’s average lead-time