About Home Institute

Our story

We’ve always collected household items, whether they be vintage, modern, mass produced or artisan. In 2015 we started importing household items from abroad because we couldn’t find the products we wanted for our home here in London.

To get the pricing right, we purchased several items in bulk directly from a manufacturer and sold the balance to our friends. This pragmatic step inadvertently became the origins of Home Institute.

Today we both import products from the four corners of the world, and sell to like-minded customers across the globe. As we’ve grown we kept the original ethos and continue to sell found, handmade, designer and manufactured products alongside each other.

Some of these products are difficult to source, others are everyday objects; but every product has clear provenance, a good story, is well made, and has a strong reason to exist in this world – as well as your home.

We appreciate that Home Institute is a niche and specific edit of homewares, but it’s one that’s personal to us and we hope that you appreciate and enjoy it. Or even better, it’ll find a place in your home.

Founder, Home Institute

Five ideas that shape what we do

Well-designed objects, spaces and places improve our quality of life

Good design isn’t about style, embellishment or pretence

The more special an item is, the more often we use it

Our favourite items don’t hide at the back of a cupboard; let’s make every day an occasion

Well-made products have less environmental impact

Being thoughtful in our choice of household items means as a society we use resources better and waste less

Showing hospitality is part of what makes us human

Being generous is good for both ourselves, and others

Food, drink and life is best shared

An experience shared is not an experience halved

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