Kinto in Japan create lasting products that draw on Japan’s long history of craftsmanship, in particular of glassware and ceramics. Their innovative and creative approach sees them regularly developing new products in answer to the demands of everyday life from high quality tactile clay coffee mugs and glass teapots to non-slip serving trays.

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  • Kinto Walnut & Brass Brewing Set

    Kinto Brass Pour Over Set

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  • Save up to £29.10! Kinto Kakomi Donabe White 2.5L

    Kinto Kakomi Donabes

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  • Save up to £16.00! Kinto Kakomi Rice Cookers Black

    Kinto Kakomi Rice Cookers

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  • Save up to £15.10! Kinto Leaves to Tea Teapot White

    Kinto LT Porcelain Teapots

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  • Kinto Pour Over Kettle White

    Kinto Pour Over Kettle

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  • Kinto Travel Tumbler Stainless Steel

    Kinto Travel Tumblers

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  • Japanese Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

    Japanese Porcelain Toothbrush Holder

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  • Save up to £5.10! Kinto Porcelain Mug Grey 400 ml

    Kinto Japanese Slow Coffee Porcelain Mugs

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  • Kinto Unitea Teapot: small

    Kinto Unitea Glass Teapot

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  • Save up to £10.10! Porcelain Small White Cup from Hasami, Japan

    Kinto Porcelain Cups from Hasami, Japan

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  • Kinto Unimug Tea Cup Brewer Clear

    Kinto Unimug Tea Cup Brewer

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  • Kinto Cast Jug

    Kinto Cast Glass Jug

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  • Kinto Plug Cold Brew Tea Maker and Jug with Black Lid

    Kinto Plug Cold Brew Plastic Jug

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  • Kinto NonSlip Tray 270 x 200 mm

    Kinto NonSlip Wooden Trays

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