Washing & Polishing Zalto Wine Glasses

How to care for your Zalto wine stems

Washing Zalto Stems

Zalto wine stems are individually mouth-blow by a glass blower to achieve the thin glass wall. Follow this washing guidance to best care for your stems.


Zalto stems are best washed in a domestic dishwasher at, or below, 55℃ on the shortest available wash setting. The stems must be comfortably and securely placed in the top shelf of the dishwasher to avoid being knocked and damaged during the wash cycle. Only wash stems with other glasses.

The dishwasher should be clean and free of limescale. A variety of products are readily available to descale your machine if necessary.

Washing tablets often already contain additives, such as rinse-aid. It is best to keep washing and rinsing chemical levels as low as possible, in excess they can damage the glass. Phosphate-free detergents should be avoided because of the aggressive substitutes.

Hand washing

In general it is better to wash your Zalto stems in a suitable dishwasher, this can be safer than hand washing.

When hand washing, rinse the stem with a tap water after use and set aside until the next day. It’s best not to wash Zalto stems after drinking alcohol.

Avoid using a sink brush as it is easy to damage the bowl with the hard edge of the brush. If you must use a brush, please be very careful and it is advisable to use a brush designed specifically for wine glasses (they don’t have hard edges) available from specialist wine shops.

Polishing Zalto Stems

When polishing Zalto stems it is best to use a microfibre cloth, as opposed to a tea towel, for better polishing results and to reduce friction.

Gently wipe the interior with your thumb while rotating the outside of the bowl with your other hand – this is demonstrated in the video below. Then polish the stem and the foot by wiping the cloth down the stem onto the foot.

Don’t insert too much cloth into the bowl and never twist the bowl using the stem, or visa versa.

Learn how to polish your Zalto wine stem

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